About us


Valet 2 U is a mobile-based application that seeks to simplify the process of communication between car owners and their chauffeurs/valets. It aims to eliminate the need to make calls to one’s chauffeur thereby increasing convenience for car owners. It also aims at removing the need of a valet slip at hotels when one is driving. The application also aims at significantly reducing the waiting time at the porch of hotels by providing a realistic ETA to the patron.

Valet2you’s primary aim is to reduce the time spent at a porch waiting for one’s car. Now you can sit at peace in your favorite restaurant rather than waiting at the porch for your car to arrive. Sweat a little more at the gym rather than sweating under the sun. You’ll be notified as soon as your car arrives at the porch. You want to visit that one last shop but aren’t sure when your car is arriving? Just check the driver/valets location through our app and make your decision!
We promise you will never have to look for the tiny piece of paper called a Valet slip. But do take care of your cellphone!