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What is Valet2you?

Valet2you is an application that enables you to interact with the people temporarily in charge of your car at the simple click of a button. It will allow you to have seamless dialogue thus simplifying the most common problem of calling for your car.


 Is the App Free?

 Yes! Downloading and using this app is free. Valet2You will never charge you for using the app. 


What makes valet2You a unique app?

Valet2you allows you to track the exact location of your driver on GPS using highly accurate data from your phone. However the speed depends on your data connectivity.  This is extremely useful in case when you are in a crowded area and can’t locate your driver/car.


Valet2you allows you to add all the cars that you own to the application’s database along with their respective car picture and registration numbers. You are also required to add contact details of your chauffeurs if any. Now, all you need to do is select your most frequently used car and driver as your favourite. That’s it! Then you are all set to use Valet2you and make your life a whole lot easier. The application allows you to see the images of the car added by you on the homepage followed by 2 buttons
1) Favourite - It allows you to call for your favourite car to your favourite driver immediately.
2) Submit - Here you can call for a car as well as a driver other than your favourites. 
The next section allows the user to call for the car at fixed time in the near future. You can schedule exactly when to call the car. The last and the final section is where the application gets its name from Valet Parking. This is the section which you use while you are driving all by yourself and need to park your car at a valet location. Valet2you uses your location to search for the nearby partner/porch or you can chose to enter the input manually. Once you have chosen a porch, you will directly be connected to the valet operator. You just have to handover your car like before, but what is not like before is the fact that you will not be getting any slip from the operator. He will just scan a unique QR code on your phone and you will have the valet slip in your phone itself.

Tracking Driver


Is it necessary for the driver to have a smartphone to use the application?

It is not necessary but it will be beneficial for the user as a host of benefits will be available if the driver uses a smartphone like location tracking, driver replying with ETA, etc.


What if the drive has a smartphone but is in an area where cellular data is not available or his data plan has exhausted?

If the cellular data in the driver’s phone is not working, Valet2you will automatically send an SMS to the driver with the exact details of the car and also in cases if it is required to be sent to the concerned driver.